Kay Santa Cruz

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Who knows where this will lead? I got where I am by way of a few well-timed wise decisions in a sea of questionable ones, but my direction was always led by my heart. I like where I am. My heart has lately been urging me to find a creative outlet. It's been a year or twenty, but I used to love to read beautiful, engaging prose, and to write my own. That was a younger me, before... well, before LIFE. And all the time-sucking tasks on endless loop, except the loop gets longer each year. I never gave up reading, but writing transitioned to dedicated journaling that slid into intermittent journaling, rapidly spiraling past day planner meditation entries and calender memos. One day I realized, outside of witty observations I text to my sister, the only writing I've done in years is translating microscopic font of package inserts into compliant SOP's, a few budget request justifications and some training PowerPoints. Feeling creative I started googling and soon a writer's blog post led me to experiment with writing to a prompt.

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