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Hello everyone!- I'm back after a long break and am considering picking my stories back up again. I took a long and much needed break, and honestly haven't wrote one bit so this will be a journey to get back into my old writing habits. I will also be considering looking back at my old pieces and refurbishing them and possibly making more parts for them! But hello everyone and I'm glad to be back. SHOUT OUT TIME!- I just want to thank Amy A for doing a collab with me on a story that is turning out really good so far! I'm super excited about it. I want to thank the numerous amounts of respectful people on this site that have given me some good feedback on what I need to work on the better my writing. Without these people, I would still be the same writer I was before Reedsy. You all have given me amazing feedback and I really appreciate everyone's kindness and hospitality they have shown me. Snap- kcmontague2022 Email- kaleighcmontague2022@gmail.com My Favorite Stories- Infinite Reigns of Time Side note: Also I have an obsession with CORPSE Husband, and would be glad to simp with anyone lmao.