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All my Neo Kosmo stories are being continued on Wattpad, please join me over there if you want to read more of these: Otherwise I am pretty much finished with reedsy prompts for now, I simply don't have time. Fiction enthusiast, content writer and travel professional currently juggling several jobs and a newborn so if I seem a little inactive... I'm currently writing something of an anthology based around the Neo Kosmo - Earth's first colony ship - exploring the untold stories of the everyday people. Each one is stand-alone, but if you want to read them all in chronological order the stories go as follows: - A One Way Ticket on the Neo Kosmo - Drops of Hope - No Way Back - Only a Change of Scenery (Shortlisted) -Enginestart_Test So if you like one of those, check out the others. With luck I hope to have about 12 stories in the series. Instagram: @aworldonapage

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