Jordan Caulk

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I'm on here mostly to practice my writing. I just started finally developing or rather putting to paper, several series of stories that I've been coming up with and expanding on since I was 13 years old. I'm 31 now and try not to think about my age. My universes having become to large for me to carry on my own and I want to share them. I'm mostly interested in fantasy and sci-fi and find a little bit of myself in each of my characters. I'm a mental health counselor by day, writer, illustrator, creationist by night. I grew up on video games and cartoons. Several of my stories are influenced by the Lord of the rings and Avatar the Last Air bender. Most of my stories were developed when I was participating in sand tray and play therapy growing up. I have often used world building in the past to make up for the bleakness of real life, though I guess real life can be exciting at times. I hope one day to put all of my stories on paper not just so I can share them with others that I'd like to get to know but so I can pass them down to my kids and the rest of my family.