Joan Fiddle-Ferder

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Author bio

Joan Fiddle-Ferder never knows what to write about herself. If you ask her why she writes, she will say, "because I can't paint". But, basically, she likes make stuff up. Born in mid-town Manhattan sixty-six years ago, her parents moved the family to the posh side of the Bronx, better known as Riverdale. There, she learned to pitch pennies, stay away from the murdering chicken butchers, and eat red wax lips. After studying voice at Manhattan School of Music's Juilliard Prep program in Junior High School, she dropped out and studied modern dance with some of the greatest choreographers of the century. She went on to directing theater in college, teaching English, collecting toy banks. Decades slid by and somehow, Joan landed in television production working years for the news networks, and small video production companies between NYC and Washington, DC. Currently, Joan continues to work in television since her dog and cat have been known to sneak out of the house with her American Express card and rack up her bills . Her husband and son put up with her laptop glow, talking to bathroom faucets, and her obsession with Amazon Prime deliveries, Joan has written over eighty poems, fifteen short stories, sestinas to the dead, and love letters to sand crabs.