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Novels, flash fiction and short stories. Jillndavies.com I’ve always loved reading and writing, but only started to take myself seriously in the last couple of years. Now I have a published post apocalyptic dystopian story, tons of flash fiction and a few short stories. I’m glad I made the transition. I started out as a chemist working for a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. After several years working in development I moved on to become… a high school science teacher. (You see where this is going don’t you?) But, before going full Breaking Bad I took a sharp left turn at Albuquerque and decided to dedicate my working time to creating stories. I now writes in the quiet moments of life, squeezing novels into the nooks, crannies and nap times that act like the pauses between heartbeats. When not writing you can find me running the trails near her home, hiking the national parks, and doing all the fun parental stuff for my daughters. You can find me at http://jillndavies.com You can follow me on Instagram as jillndavies_books for flash fiction reads Or you can buy my novel, Due North http://amzn.com/B087YTHHWK