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Hi! I'm on here to share my stories, read yours, and grow together through kind encouraging words but also constructive feedback, also worded kindly. If you give me feedback on mine I'll be more than happy to return the favour. I haven't been writing for very long, but I've been reading for as long as I can remember, that's the only writing training I have. I was quite a good girl when I was little, but I remember my mother getting angry with me for secretly switching my reading light back on after everyone had gone to bed. I'm guessing she knew she was lucky to have only that to get angry about. I'm a mum myself now and I wish I had to scold my son for reading too long. But as it happens I'm bringing up a skateboarding champion. Who would have thought? Everybody was expecting me to give the world a nerd (which would have been great too of course, but not how it turned out). If you want to reach out for any reason beyond what is possible in the usual exchange of comments about our stories then please do!