Jennifer Rinaldi

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Author bio

Jen Rinaldi is a self-proclaimed color addict who enjoys painting, and writing. She is a painter by day, and a voracious writer by night and had both written and illustrated her first adult fantasy “One Day Closer to Death.” The first in a new paranormal romance fiction series. She wanted to create a paranormal romance series that adult, not so beautiful people could enjoy, seeing themselves in the characters. “I wanted to create a world where normal people like myself with the bumps and bruises of life come face to face with angles with whom they fight the evil that has infiltrated both worlds.” She considers herself blessed to be able to brandish brush, paper, and pen for a living, writing a monthly feature for OutdoorSW Magazine She lives with her husband Jon who is also an artist. They share their home in the White Mountains of Arizona with a cat who ‘sees’ strange things on the ceiling, and a Canaan Dog named Sully who keeps them all in line.