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!!My first book is coming out June 1st! I'm one of those old, married ladies that still writes and enjoys YA books and stories. I try to always do a supernatural YA story for each of my prompt submissions. If you like that genre, you should follow me! I love critiques and will gladly receive them and give them back. This is a loving community and we're all just here so we can get better at writing. I run a blog where I write book reviews and sometimes posts about my daughter and husband, both of who have rare diseases. I love chocolate, cute puppies, baby snuggles, and playing video games with fun people. ***I wrote a few different stories about Hanna, a girl who can see ghosts, and her ghost friend, Brandon. I'm enjoying putting these characters in different situations. Each should be able to read alone but here is the order of their stories if you're interested: Don't Ghost Your Friends Hanna's Halloween Ghost Hanna Doesn't Kiss Ghosts Hanna Ghosts Her Sister Ghost Fever