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Hi! My name is Jeneane Vanderhoof! Sorry my name isn't fully entered as an author, I used my Google account to apply for this site and my name wasn't registered for the account. I really want to change that and tried...gonna try and find out how?? So...always wanted to be a writer but, didn't find my voice until late in life. Before my late thirties I couldn't even string twenty pages together...over 15 years! But, at the worst, the most stressful and changing time in my life when I was down for the count suddenly I couldn't put down a pen. I have been published in periodicals and am working on several novels and I write tons of poetry which has been well received and one day I hope to publish for real. As most writers do, I love to read. I do book reviews and get as many galleys as they will get me from NetGalley. And while I didn't start writing the book reviews since writers give me books for free I write them for free for several periodicals in return. I find it a fair exchange and hope to build up my writing profile in this way. I was never good at writing from Prompts. In eighth grade my dream was to be one of the three students on the Power of our Pen team a writing competition. It wasn't until I got to the competition that I realized how hard it was for me for someone to give me a topic and I, off the top of my head churn out a good story in 45 minutes. Even now, if I don't find inspiration (and when life gets hard I have TONS of it) I have a hard time with prompts, still. That is why I was a member for so long before I submitted. While I tried several times, first on paper, to get through a prompt and several times I made it through on paper, or had stories ideas that I did have for prompts, I never got a story churned out that fast. See, I have several problems when I write. First, I have a hard time keeping a story short, just telling what is necessary, at times, without MAJOR embellishment, or getting sidetracked on a smaller, short, story line. And sometimes these short story lines overtake more space than they short. I have always wanted more of everything in life and that personality trait came out in my writing too. It is a curse I hope to one day learn to control and turn into a blessing. Second, this problem spills over into my editing. When I edit (and I assume most people take away) I am always adding to the story, while still correcting, but, when you keep adding, you have to keep editing. That then turns what I have already written into a constant edit. Writing and finishing my first story for Reedsy taught me a lot. One thing I had to do was control my word count. I believe I had to take 2,500 words from my first draft not having read the requirements and kept track of my word count. I actually found this contest a great teaching tool for me and I am grateful. But, even though I was here for over a year and not ever submitting I did keep track of many of the writers here and I love to read their entries. The plethora of work here was amazing and I have never been more proud to be amongst writers of this caliber. Thank you for all the wonderful tales you have shared with me. I have never had more fun laughing, crying and smiling over more heartfelt and professional storytellers. I also write under a pen name for Medium but as the information I share there is very personal I have yet to share it with others and I am not sure if I ever will. There are still some sides of myself I am scared to show others, especially the entire world. Maybe one day. But, the topic I write about is somewhat controversial and a big part of my life has been spent being persecuted for it. Thank you if you have read my story and hope, by the time others read this, I have added more. Alas, there is only so much time in the world and while I love writing here, as I said, prompts are a big challenge.