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Jason lives in Brooklyn. He works too much and reads too little. He writes science fiction, yet he has never read Dune. In fact, he'll probably never read Dune. Actually, imagine Dune collecting dust beside a window. Beyond frosted glass children sled down a hill. White flakes flutter in the air. A snowman winks at you then suddenly melts into a puddle. Baby birds bathe in its corpse. Green buds awaken on tree branches branches. Tulips bloom. It is Spring, yet there is still dust on Dune. Amber sunlight bursts through the window. A lawn mower revs unseen. Sprinklers chirp, chirp, chirp. It is Summer and, wow, just look at all that dust on Dune. Golden leaves flutter by the window. Half-nude trees sway in a breeze. A turkey gobbles. It's Autumn and, you guessed it, Jason still hasn't read Dune. Oh look: snow again. It shimmers elegantly, creating a lovely backdrop for the book collecting dust beside Jason's window. The book is called Dune, and he will never read it. Listen: I deeply enjoyed writing these stories. I hope you enjoy them too.

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