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My name is Jacques Humanité. I study English at the University of Paris, with the ultimate goal to one day write a whole novel in the language. My love of stories begins from long afternoons in the French countryside: along the grapevines of mother's vineyard, and in my little bedroom window looking out at the Alps, upon the flowerbed of roses in the backyard, along meadows dotted with cottages and kindly neighbours. My love of writing begins in the trams travelling through the small town of Aosta, Italy, late at night, trying to fend-off with words the memory of a girl that would not leave my mind. She worked her way to my heart. And it was with the poems I wrote that I won hers. We are married now. These memories in hindsight feel like a dream. Unreal. It does not matter. Real or unreal has never made a difference to me; the world of fiction has stirred me in ways that reality has yet to match. These memories, and this love, shape me and my writing to this day. I have no doubt they always will. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. Yours, Jacques Humanité

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