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IF SOMEONE IS ACTUALLY READING THIS, WHY ARE YOU ON MY DESERTED PROFILE WLDKAJSHAHBDHAHDD HOW DID YOU EVEN GET HERE on another note, anyone else attempting NaNoWriMo this year?? Cuz I’m super excited!!!!! I’ll have a lengthy plot outline, a new Conan Gray song, some crispy autumn air and a ton of candy from Halloween. YAY FOR WRITING VIBES * yee i don’t have corona :D Also I forgot to say this two weeks ago but I finished Color Quest 3 yay SKSKAJSJJAJSHAHHSHDHAHSHSHHAHSHHDHAHSHSHSHSHSHAHSHD INA START NANOWRIMO SOON TOO BUT STILL NO REEDSY STORIES LOL * This bio is- SO chaotic. I don’t really know what happened here. If you’re looking for a bio that lets you actually know who I am, you’re about to be traumatized. If you’re looking for enthusiastic nonsense, keep scrolling. 🤠 * GUESSSSSSS WHO’SSSSSSSS BOREDDDDDDDD *whispers* it’s me So yea SPAM DEM NOTIFICATIONS I mean or I could write a story but pTooEy id rather have random conversation with friends so y’all know what to do ;) * Whooooooaaaaaa y’all I logged on to Reedsy after like two weeks and man this profile is?? Like?? So dead?? I NEED TO WRITE A STORY I KNOW I KNOW but I’m about to finish my novelllll and then I’ll be writing during NaNoWriMoooooo and also I hafta republics Color Quest book 1 and edit Book 2 and soon I’ll be editing book 3 alsksksjjsjdjdjdalakskdjdjd But anywho, hiya! :) Still bored so PLEASE spam my notifs. Also hehehehe two weeks ago I got mahself a digital art Tiktok account if anyone feels like checking that out!: https://www.tiktok.com/@aerinbcreating Thanks! :D ~🌈