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yee i don’t have corona :D Also I forgot to say this two weeks ago but I finished Color Quest 3 yay SKSKAJSJJAJSHAHHSHDHAHSHSHHAHSHHDHAHSHSHSHSHSHAHSHD INA START NANOWRIMO SOON TOO BUT STILL NO REEDSY STORIES LOL * This bio is- SO chaotic. I don’t really know what happened here. If you’re looking for a bio that lets you actually know who I am, you’re about to be traumatized. If you’re looking for enthusiastic nonsense, keep scrolling. 🤠 * GUESSSSSSS WHO’SSSSSSSS BOREDDDDDDDD *whispers* it’s me So yea SPAM DEM NOTIFICATIONS I mean or I could write a story but pTooEy id rather have random conversation with friends so y’all know what to do ;) * Whooooooaaaaaa y’all I logged on to Reedsy after like two weeks and man this profile is?? Like?? So dead?? I NEED TO WRITE A STORY I KNOW I KNOW but I’m about to finish my novelllll and then I’ll be writing during NaNoWriMoooooo and also I hafta republics Color Quest book 1 and edit Book 2 and soon I’ll be editing book 3 alsksksjjsjdjdjdalakskdjdjd But anywho, hiya! :) Still bored so PLEASE spam my notifs. Also hehehehe two weeks ago I got mahself a digital art Tiktok account if anyone feels like checking that out!: https://www.tiktok.com/@aerinbcreating Thanks! :D ~🌈