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Sorry it's been a while peeps-- I uh, decided to write a Dramione fanfic 185 pages as of now *laughs nervously* CHECK IT OUT ON WATTPAD PEEPS It's called Alone Together Pls give me any feedback you have. I will take literally all of it.(I need it lol) A LiL aBoUt MeSelF: I like food. A lot. I also like sleeping in until noon and then procrastinating everything. I am currently working on a novel with my friend, and we are like 217 pages in, (barely edited tho😬) My favorite series are: kotlc-(proud stan since 2015 :)))) Pathfinder series by Orson Scott Card Wheel of Time- 10/10 recommend, but is actually death to get thru all of them Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy (thanks for reminding me @Itay Frenkel lol) Ok here we go: BTSSSSSSS STRAY KIDSSSSS SUPERMMMMMM NCTTTTTTTT TXTTTTT *bows* thanks for listening to me screech about kpop😝