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Harken Void is the author’s alter ego - his real name is Kevin - and he uses Harken as a medium to tell his stories. In his writing, he likes to incorporate elements of spirituality, science, philosophy, and personal growth, and present it all in as awesome and epic a way as he can. He loves to ask the big questions, explore life's deepest secrets, and shine light at those darkest places - while keeping a lighthearted attitude and leaving his readers with a sense of upliftment. He feels most at home in Fantasy and Science Fiction, genres of ideas and exploration of reality itself. While Harken is a multidimensional being, existing beyond all space and time, Kevin is mortal, and he lives in Slovenia, a small country in Europe. He completed a Bachelor's degree in Geology. Besides writing and contemplating existence, his two most burning passions are music and nature. You can visit his website here: https://harkenvoid.com

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