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Since I was about 10, I have been a storyteller--mostly for my own entertainment. After a critique of one of my stories for a creative writing assignment left my peers speechless (in a bad sense), I set aside my passion for storytelling to pursue a career in the structured world of technical writing. Within the 20 something years since that first peer review of my fiction, life has been "interesting". I don't complain about the challenges I've had to face because they lead to a rekindling of my faith and a return to storytelling with a newfound focus that was lacking in my earlier endeavors. My first story on Reedsy, "Rocks for Sale", was a self-driven challenge to write a story and post it. Now that I can mark that "done" on my checklist, I'm hoping to share more stories, receive lots of good feedback, and hone my storytelling chops for my ultimate goal of writing and publishing longer inspirational fiction.