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Hello there Reedsy wanderer! I can only imagine the sort of internet-rabbit hole you fell through to get here, but you're welcome all the same. I started posting these stories when I was in eighth grade, and at least four of them are from then, so I hope you're not expecting much XD Well, I've lived in Colorado my whole life (which you might have guessed if you've read a couple of my things) and I love the mountains and forests. I grew up in a super tight valley so (fun fact) I'm like the opposite of claustrophobic. I'm currently 17 years old and I'm going to be a senior in high school. I've always loved reading and writing. When I was a pretty young kid I decided I wanted to be an "author" and since then I've pretty much never strayed very far from that dream. I haven't ever really written much in the past because of a strange combination of writers' block and self-doubt, but recently I've been getting a lot better and hopefully I'll find the courage and motivation to begin writing some real stuff soon. Sometimes I check here to read through my stuff, maybe write a thing or two more. I find it really interesting to analyze the steady progress I've been making for the past couple of years. I love reading fantasy and dystopian novels, but I usually write more realistic stuff because I like to incorporate themes from my own life. However, if you've read "You Can't Hold it in Forever", don't worry, my parents are fine. (Oh, and my parents don't eat dogs either XD). So yeah, thanks for reading through my stupidly long bio and I hope that some of my newer stuff tickles your fancy :) ("So I Keep Lying" and "Differing Dreams 2.0" are definitely my best works so far)