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Gillian was born in the north of England, the daughter of journalist and newspaper editor, Michael Blackah. Her great-great-grandfather was a published poet from the Yorkshire mining community of the late 1800s. Gillian recently discovered a gift for writing and poetry and is finding joy in continuing the legacy of writing in her family line. Gillian released her first self-published book in April 2021. It is an engaging novel for middle-grade age children, the first in a series of books she is writing about Deborah, a young honey bee, and her friends who live along the Big River. The book, The Adventures of Deborah and Kite at the Big River, is illustrated throughout with both color and black and white drawings, which bring the many characters to life. Like Deborah, Gillian has always loved having adventures and discovering new places to visit. She and her husband, Steve, enjoy traveling together and meeting new people. They live in a mountain community in southern California, close to the Kingsley kids, grandkids, and great-grandchildren.