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✨IMPORTANT NOTICE✨ My platonic life mate is writing a Harry Potter fanfic, and I absolutely adore her, so you should check it out. It's child friendly with a well constructed plot (believe me, she's bombarding me with her ideas). Prologue on Wattpad. https://www.wattpad.com/story/256195832-a-tale-of-magpies-mockingbirds *** "Shwoopsie." - Shwoopsie, Firebringer *** I'm so far into the ✨GAY✨ I forgot homophobia existed for a while *** trying to incorporate random quotes into every conversation. still trying to find a place for "you grabbed the wrong one, you noodle." *** When dandelion kisses Met peanut butter sighs And you told them all you felt just fine A dunce cap Is just a cone Butterflies gnawing At your bones Stomach shrinking Hope is sinking Staring at your naked heart The lies of intrusive thoughts Tearing you apart