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Elizabeth Inkim is a graphic designer, who’s an artist at heart and has a passion for storytelling. She is currently working towards writing a fantasy series; but is still in the planning and outlining stage, and probably won’t be drafting for a while. Although... a few pages have already been written, so progress over perfection is the name of the game right now. “Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Not necessarily in that order.” -Tim Burton --- Socials: instagram.com/inkim.me twitter.com/inkimme behance.net/inkim Shop: society6.com/inkim Website: www.inkim.me/stories ---- Feel free to leave a comment, she loves to discuss ideas, and chat in the comments section. Series: A labyrinth of broken truths -A Rose By Any Other Name -Dum Spiro, Spero Occāsus -An Heir of Shadow -Scion of the Sea -Guardian of The Deep My Favourites (I highly recommend reading): -And I am a creator at heart -Auditorium Antics -A Kaleidoscope of Memories -Lighting in a Bottle -Nothing Gold Can Stay -Winter’s Promise Author’s Note: All characters and locations belong to the same fictional universe; everything’s interconnected, just not told chronologically. --- Currently putting together a newsletter; see inkim.me/newsletter to subscribe.