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Hi there, and welcome to my 6 story Reedsy page! I appreciate you visiting, and hope you enjoy my stories. :) Divine Procrastination (Dec 20) A short personal essay as to why I'm writing on Reedsy. 99 Problems (Dec 20) A comedic take on First World Problems. The Curse of the Silver Lining (Jan 21) A short story about a man who is cursed with the weight of the world, one day a week. Twinnie (Feb 21) A twin sister who finally decides her brother’s gas-lighting is enough. Petal (Apr 21) The demise of a butterfly who believed herself “Too good to be true”. Travel Jeremy Now (Apr 21) A tale about a city teen who’s discovered where his true nature belongs. A little side note, P.S. or whatnot: I discovered Reedsy last December, after an intentional Google search to find a home for stories my heart wanted to write. I was happy with my find, and for the past few months I've enjoyed writing stories here. The challenge of having only a week to formulate and write a short story has given me great insight into my own writing process and preferred style. However, from this point forward, I am moving my storytelling offline while I build it a new home (storytellybelly.com... coming August 8th, 2021!), as it will be a better space for me and my style. In the meantime, I would love to continue growing a writing community here, either with writers who are like minded, enjoy swapping critique, or both! So, if you do land on my page (again, WELCOME!), and you feel so inclined, please read a story or two, and if you leave a reply, I’ll be sure to do the same for you. 😊 Thanks again and happy reading!