E. Pentecost

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I am a lover of words and a lover of humanity, with a passion for storytelling and a weakness for cute kids. I’ve written three novels— one on paper and in a drawer, one on Microsoft Word, and one on Scrivener. Each, though unpublished, has taught me different writer’s virtues… ESPECIALLY perseverance. Y’all with the sagging middle know what I’m talking about. Someday, those lessons I learned will form my first publishable draft, and I’ll be prouder than anything. Until then, I’ll keep writing, learning, doing, and loving, seeking to glorify my God in my actions and my words. After all, experience is the greatest teacher. And I’ve got a lot of experience I’ve yet to, well, experience. So there’s that. I’m getting closer every day :) P.S. I hate cats. P.P.S. That was irrelevant, wasn’t it? Oh well.