Drew Beattie

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Writing since I was a young boy, my head has always been bursting of creativity, from song writing, to poetry and telling stories! I have a real urge to help and inspire others in this life and I have gone through some amazing adventures and challenges of my own, especially for someone my age! After losing my father to suicide at 22, while here in Australia, I would then spend three years abroad living Canada. Having the most incredible time and experiences along the way. but eventually before coming home, I got stuck with no visa, for 8 months due to covid. During that experience I lived and work for four different families for my food and rent seeing I wasn’t aloud to legally work or get benefits. The people I was lucky enough to meet along this journey changed my life forever and I trully gain a second family from that time ! My experiences from that period are quite unbelievable and really have only added to my writing and gratitude for this life, we all experience. I hope those reading my writing, feel the emotion I put into it and it helps to brighten their day, knowing you can take a piece of my with you no matter where you are, in this world! As always I send my love to you all reading, I’m always here to help support you and I hope we can build each other up! Regards Drew