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When mischief falls from grace, The Westward light finds its true place, When the bonds on the Wolf start to fail, Daughter of Neptune alone shall prevail. The only way to rejoin your own Is to know what it's like to have a home. Beware of the closing walls, Or else you will hear the calls. Ophidian curse, son of Apollo shall face, Or else, mischief will be replaced. i used to be a god. Who am I? I am, ahem, WAS, the god Loki. Of course, you kill someone, and you're doomed to earth as mortal until you get your powers back. Ick. My age: uh. Thats a difficult one. Maybe 15 years for my mortal form, and 1500 actual years? My height: 5'7" My eye color: Blue My hair color: Black My hobbies: not dying, perhaps? if you want to know a little more about me then refer to "All Time Loki" by Carolina Shaw. I don't know her, of course. Here are the links to my quest stories: Part one: Part two: Part Three: Updates: I DON'T HAVE A CRUSH ON ANYONE!!! (Just BTW everyone this account is managed by Carolina while Loki is on his quest.)