Dominique Sahir Walls

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"I can tell you everything that went wrong in my life, or I can tell you what I did after. " This is the after. It took me 27 years to realize I was chasing a future without a dream; having cast mine to the side for the logic of a nine to five. Becoming a writer was equated to disappointment and poverty by counsellors and naysayers, to the tune of me reconsidering. Yet the passion still called. Starting my debut novel at the beginning of 2020, I found my newly discovered enthusiasm manifesting in more than just writing. I wanted to talk about it in all forms; books, shows, and movies. This resulted in Writing 2 Riches; a Youtube Channel about the struggles and realities of working towards completing my first book, Views From the Back Row on CWF Network; a podcast that gives a different perspective to movies, and finally, Reali-Tea of Fiction; a podcast on tv shows, books, and everything in between. I discovered joy in doing things beyond just working for someone else, and fulfillment in taking steps towards a career I can be proud of. I have not done anything that most would consider “noteworthy”, but a blank page speaks of possibilities, and this is my first chapter.