Dean Hodsfry

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Author bio

Dean Hodsfry - The Man Dean has been writing since he was in his late teens just over 20 years ago. Born and bred in rural South Wales. Dean would spend most of his evenings in his bedroom, creating all sorts of weird and crazy ideas both for his writing and for his hobbies. Dean drew on the rolling welsh hills of his home town for some of his inspiration. Dean left his homeland in the early 00's, to seek better employment. On his travels he had met a young girl and decided to move to Oxfordshire to be with her. He has currently been married since 2005 to that same girl and she is fully behind him with his writing and has even started working on her own story. Dean has a young daughter who is two year's old. Currently Dean is living with his wife in the lovely town of Chipping Norton, although fully employed he does dedicate some his time to writing and has several projects on the go at the moment. More of which he has added at the bottom of this page Dean Hodsfry - The Writer Dean always had a flair, for enchanting and sometimes brutal writing. He is currently a member of West Oxfordshire Writers and was on the committee for Chipping Norton Literary Festival 2012. Dean is also associated with the Brit Writers Association. Whilst Dean's writing sometime causes offence it is always well written and thought provoking. Dean usually writes short ghost stories but has ventured into flash fiction. They are imaginative and have a twist that is unexpected. Dean likes to keep his reader guessing and on their toes so the twist has even-more power than usual.