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My career began in the broadcast industry at 15 as a radio personality where I worked for several years in multiple markets before becoming a marketing specialist with the national office of the American Cancer Society in Atlanta. While there I created, co-scripted, co-produced and syndicated a prime-time television special called Profiles in Survival. The show was featured on network affiliates and eventually aired in over 130 markets nationally over a six-year span. Prominent personalities in the productions included Cliff Robertson, Darren McGavin, Tracy Nelson, Mike Conners, Susan Anton, Steve Allen, George Peppard and Richard Belzer along with several others. I also created and produced a national radio special called Country's Cancer Fight that originated from the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. After leaving the ACS in 1996 I founded Hampton Production, LLC, a full-service advertising agency in Springfield, MO where I am hands-on involved with all creative, web development, radio/TV, video and graphic design production. I began writing for personal enjoyment a few years ago and have completed five feature length screenplays, a sixty-minute teleplay pilot, and published two children's books. The books, Vanny V (Vulture Culture Rebel) and Tobie are available on Amazon. I have also written several short stories (one award winning).