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I am an avid reader and writer who dreams of publishing three books: a supernatural novel, a collection of short stories, and poetry. I've been writing since I was 10, first in my native Russian. I wrote short stories, poems, and even one novel. At 22, I stopped writing at all, feeling that my pieces were not good enough. I resumed writing at 34, now in English, and thanks to the massive support of my friends on Instagram (we call ourselves a tacocrew) I've been able not to quit so far. As for now, I am a published poet ("Mind", poetry anthology, 2020) and a published reviewer ("The Fall and Rise of Chimeras", seasonal of Ink Gladiators Press, 2021). Please, check out my poetic page https://www.instagram.com/darya_silman/ Examples to follow in writing (in my opinion) are Julio Cortazar, Franz Kafka, Friedrich Nietzsche, Vladimir Nabokov, Eugene Ionesco, Sylvia Plath, and Osip Mandelshtam. See you in the Fold!