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Wanowyn is a land where magic flows: full of men, dwarfs, elves, and a growing population of stumpers -- thanks to Lady Nimmo. These stories are packed with humor, delightful characters, and adventure. You might spend the time it takes to read a Wanowyn story in more productive ways, but you would be hard pressed to find more crazy-fun ways. 1. Like a Dragon Sitting in Church (237) 2. Stumpers Don't Have Hearts (239) 3. Wind, Fire, and Stupid Beasts (240) 4. If the Spirit of Trungen Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy (241) 5. Living Artifacts are People Too - Well, Sort Of (242) 6. Crazy Fire Lovers! (243) 7. Take Me To Your Leader (244) 8. A Very Big Pile of Ellawyn Crap (245) 9. A Whipped Dwarf (246) 10. The Howls of the Netterback (247) 11. Persuasion (248) 12. Oh, My! Are We About to Get in a Fight? (249) 13. The Weight-to-Oar Ratio (250)