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Hello, Daisy here! I am a Christian teen writer, born and raised in South Texas, with a most likely unhealthy obsession for notebooks, pencils, words and fictional worlds—whether of my own making or not. I love music, and play three instruments—Ukulele, Harmonica, and Piano. I also have a passion for languages! If you speak English, 中文, Español, or German, I'd love to chat with you in the comments! I first started writing for my siblings. I wrote stories on notepads, and before bed, I told them one every night! This started my journey as a writer at nine years old, but I never actually published anything until I was sixteen (Check out Era of Shadows on Amazon!). Writing is my passion—it's how I exhale the thoughts I think throughout the day. I am willing to look at your stories! ~INFP~ 》Pardon me if I spill the ink of my soul onto the carpet of reality《