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tea | books | art 🍵 for some reason, I usually end up writing up grief and the loss of something that was once loved - whether that be a person, a feeling, an object etc. 🍵 maybe it’s because I listen to emotional music - I love listening to a good piece of piano music and attempting to translate the music into my interpretation of a story. I’ll leave the song inspiration in the comments of story submissions I write! 🍵 one of my favourite quotes (from one of my favourite books: House in the Cerulean Sea)… - "I like music that makes me happy. And I like death. It's strange how people can mix the two. They all died by chance, and then people sang about the after. I like those songs, but not as much as the ones sung by dead people." - 🍵 I will try my best to return comments, but I will absolutely strive to return reads and likes!