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A scientist named Fermico blurted out the question, "Where Is Everybody?" A few months later, mysterious radiation is deciphered by the SETI program... It makes me think.....we are definitely not alone. What if we found a type 2 civilization away from the Kuiper Belt? Or a type 3 civilization!! Is the Kardashev scale speaking the truth? What if the Great Filter actually happened? The world would be crushed and destroyed...It is mere genocide. Will the Fermi Paradox ever be answered?? For all I know, We are not alone, We never were and we never will be. Book Recommendations- \Cosmos - Carl Sagan \Contact - Carl Sagan \Literally everything by HG Wells \The Martian (both the book and the movie) Three amazing men in my life___ /Carl Sagan /Isaac Newton /Johannes Kepler And yes, I LOVE PHYSICS