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Amateur in writing, amateur in design, and mostly, amateur in life – but then again, aren't we all? I write for myself, during the days when my emotions would get the better of me and take over my senses and wits. I write for the characters and occurrences in my mind, so that they may have a place to thrive in this realm or another. I write for whomever it may concern, and wish that there is a soul who has the same frequency as mine somewhere out there. I write for the abundance and scarcity of love in my life and let it be a salve for those in need, which does not exclude myself. Wander the letters born of my dainty thoughts and flighty mind. May you find what you seek and lose what you loathe. Beware and be aware of what lurks behind the story, beyond the words. And don't forget to smile while you're at it, will you? ;)