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you can find an updated (and improved) version of my sad valentines poem (that totally didn't take me months to get round to completing) further down in my bio, and also on AllPoetry (: - I’m Clayara, but I have way too many aliases to keep track of. You can call me whatever you like but I mostly prefer Cara, Clay or as you may have previously known me; Bill. - I recently fell out of my passion for writing, but it is still something I see for myself in the future (although I still have to improve drastically). I absolutely love poetry in any form and if you ever want to see some of my poems I’m @billbug on AllPoetry. There’s only a few poems on there so far but I hope to add more. - [lonely.] in a place between the breeze and the songbirds, sits a feeling that seems impossible to capture. it reminds me of midsummer and orchards, hidden in the last line of a chapter. wilting like the petals of poorly picked flowers, and the ache of memories long forgotten. it lingers in the droplets early springtime showers, fading like the cobbles down by the common. yearning a tenderness of sunkissed waves upon the horizon, and the warmth of two souls fused by a flame. it strikes me like a clap of thunder, coursing like fear within my veins. and just for a moment i wonder; will i ever fall in love again? - Have an iconic Billy smile for reading through all that (: -