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I'm a follower of Christ, cleverly disguised as a Mom, and a Writer I love to write and am a voracious reader interested in fiction and nonfiction stories. Thank you in advance for your feedback and comments as I weave my way through the vast world of love. I thought I wanted to write romance, but I've come to realize that what truly inspires me are love stories. I find myself drawn to tales of redemption, forgiveness, and second chances. Love is an emotion that transcends all boundaries -- be it generations, race, or age. It manifests in different forms, such as love for our country, friends, and parents (storge, phileo). Love for God is the most powerful force (agape). That's why I've decided to shift my focus from writing about romance (eros), which isn't quite the same as love. Hope you enjoy my upcoming stories! Copyright © 2023 Betha Darling - All Rights Reserved. Using content without written permission is prohibited.