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I'm a reader, a writer, an architect, a dreamer, and an optimist all rolled into one. I adore reading books with female characters and I have this annoying habit of taking copious notes and remembering what resonates with me in what I read. Female writers such as Kavita Kane, Jhumpa Lahiri, Chitra Banerjee, Sudha Murthy, Namitha Gokhle, and Taslima Nasreen have inspired me over the years. I began writing myself a few years ago, starting with essays for journals and publications and eventually becoming an obsessive blogger. I wrote a novella, a short story, and created a blogging platform to help aspiring authors plan, produce, and sell their own publications. If you want to look for lengthier versions of my work -then here are the links- If you have time to read some of my works, please leave a comment there, so that I know. much love.