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Hi, my name Aurora. I am 12 years old. You are probably guessing that I am too young. With that being said you are wrong I got top grades on all of my writing assignments. For me, writing is a way to express my feelings. I also am a gymnastic at the YMCA in Mount Vernon. I am in Xcel gold and make up my own routines. I enjoy tea more than coffee and my favorite food is chilly. I prefer the season winter because of Christmas and it is not the presents it is the season. Having a fireplace ablaze, drinking egg nog, Building snowmen, and the smell of pine from the Christmas lit up in the living room. Christmas is also my favorite holiday. I have just moved and planning to spend my savings on the room we are building downstairs. I am planning to take my grandparent's typewriter so I can write a lot more. Even though pens work I don't like my hands cramping. Thank you to those who are supporting my thoughts and opinions. It means a lot.