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Hi Everyone!!!! As some of you guessed, yes, I'm Artemesia Pearl. I made a second account because I don't know why. It just seemed like a good idea. But if you like these stories, check out my other stories under Artemisia Pearl! Thank you for teaching me how to upvote Emily! You are the best! Now I can give people upvotes! Yay!😄 So I am a writer and have been writing stories and such since I was 7. So here's some information about me! I play basketball, Volleyball and I throw track. I am the mascot at my school. I am in Drama Club. I am a high honor student. And I love apple juice. It's mah favorite. If you don't like apple juice, and you like chocolate milk, I completely understand. Apple juice isn't for everyone. But I love me a nice cold glass of choccy milk. Any who... I'm writing a novel! I won't tell what it's about yet, but I will give you the description once it's published. I hope you guys like my stories! Have a splendifferous day and keep reading! Love you!!! My Besties!!! Sia Sharma Rachael 🌹 Blair Lemon Aerin B. 🌈 Check out their stories!!!! Some other authors that I love to read stories from are: B.W. Cynthia Scott Rhondalise Mitza Jade Young Please read their stories! They are such good writers!