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THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR 50+ FOLLOWERS!!! I try to follow back as soon as I can :) Hello, I'm not sure why you're on my account but I'm not complaining. I'm just a middle school student who loves writing stories, I tried writing a novel or a long book hundreds of times, but I always run out of steam, so I decided to practice on reedsy. I'm definitely not the best at writing, but I do want to be an author. A simple like or comment goes very far, and I always follow back! :) This website is a way for me to deal with stress and it's just an outlet for me to release unused energy in, so I will warn you, my stories are not the type to blow your mind. Before I end off my bio, I want to shoutout to my classmates and ex-classmates for supporting me and upvoting me since I started! -Raquel Rodriguez -Izzie Chan -Wolfy -Ash M Have a nice day and thank you so much for reading my bio!!