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Moved to a different account! My name is “Angelina Tran” and the username is “mydreamzen”. Follow me! [💌] Trying my best :) [💌] I follow back and try to support many people! [💌] Critiques are extremely appreciated! Critique when you’re extremely angry, when you’re bored, whenever! I’ll be more than happy to critique your story if you critique mine! The more detailed, the better :) [💌] Working on character development, grammar, and punctuation so I’d appreciate if you pointed out these mistakes! [💌] I don’t mind people asking me to read their story as long as you gave me an actual comment! [💌] Proud Vietnamese American :) [💌] Supportive ally of LGBTQIA+ and BLM!! [💌] She/Her [💌] If you recognize my profile picture, we’re automatically friends— I don’t make the rules here [💌] “Blessings wait for you~” Bang Chan “Mixtape #3” [💌] Remember to keep your chin up! Don’t let your crown slip from your head <3