Angelina S.

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Hello! I'm Angelina, a reasonably normal high schooler who often spends her time living in the past. It's typical of me to try out some new music when I’m not drowning in an endless plethora of homework. I'm pretty much absent-minded most of the time which perfectly explains why I tend to interpret some figures of speech literally. I love talking to my friends and keeping them happy. I’m a big animal lover (although, I really am scared of angry stinging insects) and like petting cute puppies. I might come off as hot-headed or impulsive but trust me, I'm really not that strong inside. I try my best to stay positive around everyone but I'm not the 'forgive and forget' type so no, you'd not wanna mess with my feelings. And well, I write stories and post them on this amazing platform where I hope to find something that leads to improvement.