Angela Walters

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My characters sit in a waiting room inside my head and at night play out scenes in my dreams. Every room in my house has a tv always turned on to drown them out, otherwise their constant chatter drives me mad. I normally write horror. Very little outside my head scares me... Well, I don't always understand people. I like being alone, but I sometimes would like to talk with someone else. I was a police woman until I got Lyme disease. My legs can't climb steep hills anymore, but I do enjoy seeing the countryside from on top of my mare, Saving Grace. She takes me where I can't go. My German Shepherd runs alongside us and keeps the predators away. The best part of being sick is I get to do what I most love in life and that is to write. Something I have always loved to do but have been too busy to accomplish until now. I have several unpublished manuscripts and a small following. I hope to get some of them published. One would be nice.. then two.. three.. maybe..