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Pen name: Andrew R. Krey Twitter account: @ARKkreations I'm a writer based in the UK, and currently working on the first draft of my first novel. I also enjoy writing short-stories, and for 2020 I have set myself the challenge to be shortlisted for a competition. So far, I've been longlisted for a flash fiction story I submitted to Furious Fiction, which is hosted by @WritersCentreAU (their Twitter account). All of the stories I've written for the Reedsy prompts are standalone tales, but they are set in the same universe as my other Reedsy short-stories (with the exception of "A Walk in the Park"), with overlapping characters and events. My aim is to create connected stories, which can be read and enjoyed in isolation, but for those who read more than one of my stories, there will be an additional layer to be enjoyed too. Below is a list of some of my stories that contain significant events that occur in the universe I've created. The aim of this list is to help you make your choice, if you wish to read more of my stories. I've chosen events that would not spoil any twists, but if you're a purist then SPOILER ALERT! "Ctrl + Z": - Includes the first appearance of the Hindsight Corporation, and provides a detailed description of their method of time-travel. "An Oasis in the Wastelands": - Occurs a week before "No Teddy Bears in the Wasteland", which references many of the events from this story. - Explains what caused the apocalypse, which created the Wastelands.