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Hello, Reedsy people! I love literature and writing, and if you've found my page, it probably means that you do too. Seems like we'll get along well. I appreciate all of your feedback (both critical and positive) and want to grow as a writer. If you would like me to leave feedback on your work, don't hesitate ask! I'm fascinated by folktales, fairytales, and mythology, and while my heart aches for classical versions, modern retellings feed my soul. If you're interested in this (somewhat) niche genre, we should talk. I don't think I'll ever get enough of books like The Mists of Avalon, The Penelopiad, or Circe. As for books like House of Leaves, The Bluest Eye, or Good Omens (pretty broad range here, I know), I'm giddy just thinking about them. I love book talk. I also love hearing what people are passionate about. Don't hesitate to share! Enjoy my page:) ⭐Shortlisted for: Visions of the West