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Favorites Author: Leigh Bardugo AAPI inspiration: Marie Lu Book: The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise Language: Latin Poem: Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe Subscription: OwlCrate Broadway Musical: Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 Info - Proud Ravenclaw and dog owner. - If I were a book character, I’d be part Hermione Granger, part Moonwatcher, part Elinor Dashwood, part Inej Ghafa, part Lyra Belaqua (the character whom I was named after), and part Jo March. And 5% Sherlock Holmes, but that might just be because I watch and read so much Sherlock that I've just developed his personality through osmosis. - I have a really big pet peeve about people saying ‘woah’ instead of ‘whoa’, mostly because I did it once and the trauma is still there. - I’m an INFJ-T who’s 90% writer/reader and 11% bad at math. - Broken bone tally: I - Best bragging book: War and Peace Fandoms - Grishaverse (Etherealki Tidemaker) - Enderverse (Dragon Army) - Wings of Fire (NightWing) - Scythedom (Scythe Abigail Adams {I was named after her, too}) - Proud member of the Rose Society and the Phoenix Society - Riordanverse (Cabin 6, Athena) - Hamilfan (Schuyler sister: Angelica) - Nagspeake citizen (Liberty of Gammerbund, Commorancy Kid. Emilia and I would be best buds) - Avatar, the Last Airbender (100% airbender) - Still waiting on my invitation to Hogwarts... should arrive any day now... Currently Reading - Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand - Welcome to Monkey House - Kurt Vonnegut - Witches Steeped in Gold - Ciannon Smart - A Promised Land - Barack Obama - The Ones We're Meant to Find - Joan He - Black Beauty - Anna Sewell - HPMOR and ATYD (If you know, you know *winks in Harry Potter*)