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I am a college freshman majoring in Structural Engineering, but I have a wicked joy for writing. I aim to write to disturb, whether it is about the grotesque or the honesties of human nature. Although my novel is going to be in progress for quite some time, I hope to entertain you with what I publish here. All criticisms are welcome - even harsh, brutal ones. I strive to write serious, grim topics, and I ought to write in a fashion that does those topics justice. I have been writing for eight years, but it hasn’t been until the last three that I’ve finally started to find my voice and realize why I like to write. Email for further criticisms and inquiries: Coming soon. STORY DIRECTORY Fantasy: - Capriccio in the Southern Cross Contemporary: - How the Carnation Bleeds - Eater’s Paradox - The Gentle Bones - Lit - Where the African Grey Perches Horror/Thriller: - A Eulogy to my Love - Quantum’s Toll - A Gracious Indictment - Kuru's Dish (To be edited) - For Whom the Teeth Bleeds - The Flowers of New Orleans - Auxiliadora Smiles - Another Chance Comes in a Snap (To be edited) - The Vivisection of Edith (To be edited) Historical fiction: - The Climbing Boy