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2,610 Subscribers

Hey, my name is Alex and welcome to my Booktube channel. I am a trans guy and I use he/him pronouns. I create bookish content with a twist! I like to read Young Adult Contemporary, books with queer themes, and graphic novels.

Visit channel - Active since 2014 - Hosted by Alex

April Sarah

10,000 Subscribers

Weird booktuber, avid reader, book hoarding hermit a.k.a. biblioklept, photohobbist & Just-Cuz-Colorer. Mother to all the hairless animals (the Nakids).

Visit channel - Active since 2006 - Hosted by April Sarah

Gwendolyn Kensinger

3,010 Subscribers

Hi. My name is Gwen and I love books. This channel is dedicated to discussing all things bookish related. You will find reviews, tags, discussions, lists, recommendations, and other fun videos.

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23,900 Subscribers

Hey, I'm Jessica! I am a high school English teacher, book blogger, Beagle owner, twin sister, and bookworm! I'm the blogger behind Peace Love Books ( and this is the channel where I'll be sharing videos about the books I read for my blog! If you like books, then you've come to the right place :)

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Pages and Pens

10,700 Subscribers

I'm Julie, an author, and writer sharing my love of books (especially YA fantasy). Follow along to witness her journey writing her first full-length YA fantasy novel.

Visit channel - Active since 2016 - Hosted by Julie


20,300 Subscribers

Hey there, I'm Ali. I work in a library and enjoy all things geeky and fantastical. Here is where I share my love for those things and my book hoarding with the world. Welcome to my channel!

Visit channel - Active since 2015 - Hosted by Alison

Merphy Napier

100,000 Subscribers

Books. Reviews. Harry Potter. Perfection.

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Charley Reads

9,816 Subscribers

I am Charley. I'm overly opinionated, under-dressed, well read, and the owner of a big mouth that never shuts up. I do book reviews, hauls and discussions on various topics.

Visit channel - Active since 2012 - Hosted by Charley

Chrissy BooksandBerries

1,250 Subscribers

Hey everyone, I'm Chrissy. I'm from the Philippines. I can't cook but I devour books like they're literary pieces of cake. I look forward to expanding my taste in books. Have a good day, you guys!

Visit channel - Active since 2012 - Hosted by Chrissy

City of YA Books

2,150 Subscribers

The inner workings of my book obsessed brain! Mostly YA and Dystopian books, but I do dip my feet into other genres! I always welcome the opinions of my little marshmallows! x

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Lisa

Danika Leigh Ellis

1,595 Subscribers

I talk mostly about books, and most of the books I talk about are queer. I also do that on Book Riot, The Lesbrary, Tumblr, and Twitter.

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Harriet Rosie

4,070 Subscribers

Hi! I make videos about books I've read, bought, want to read, and any other books I just fancy chatting about!

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21,700 Subscribers

Hey my name is Jenna! I'm 24, and i make a lot of art. When i'm not avoiding responsibilities by scrolling through twitter, you can find me reading fantasy books, obsessively listening to taylor swift, writing poetry, or daydreaming about seeing broadway musicals.

Visit channel - Active since 2012 - Hosted by Jenna