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Hailey in Bookland

Active since 2014 - Hosted by Hailey

Hello, I'm Hailey and I'm a 24 year old book lover from Canada! I have a passion for books that I would love to share with the people of the Internet so sometimes I ramble about them endlessly to a camera and then put it on the internet for your viewing enjoyment.

250,000 Subscribers

Andrea Heckler

Active since 2013 - Hosted by Andrea

Hi, I'm Andrea! I'm an American expat currently living in Paris, France. I make videos about writing and creativity, living abroad, traveling, and all the wonderfully nerdy things I love. Also...I'm a bit of an unashamed coffee addict.

32,900 Subscribers

Kristen Martin

Active since 2015 - Hosted by Kristen

Welcome to your weekly dose of lifestyle design and inspiration for the creative individual! This channel is run by Kristen Martin, a full-time coach, creative entrepreneur, and bestselling indie author. The content on this channel is primarily focused on lifestyle design for the creative individual which includes how-to videos, sit-down chats, day-in-the-life vlogs, personal growth challenges, and more. Consider it a place to get your weekly dose of creative inspiration!

39,100 Subscribers

The Creative Penn

Active since 2008 - Hosted by Joanna

Hello Creatives, I'm Joanna Penn from On my channel, I share information and inspiration about writing fiction, writing non-fiction, self-publishing, book marketing, and making a living with your writing.

34,100 Subscribers

Kim Chance

Active since 2013 - Hosted by Kim

Hi there! Welcome to my channel! My name is Kim Chance and I'm a Young Adult author! My debut novel, KEEPER, is coming out on January 30th, 2018 from Flux Books! I am represented my Caitlen Rubino-Bradway at LKG Agency.

29,000 Subscribers

Mandi Lynn

Active since 2011 - Hosted by Mandi

Videos on writing, marketing for authors and self-publishing. Mandi Lynn published her first novel when she was seventeen. The author of Essence, I am Mercy and She’s Not Here, Mandi spends her days continuing to write and creating YouTube videos to help other writers achieve their dreams of seeing their books published.

9,620 Subscribers

Kaila Walker

Active since 2015 - Hosted by Kaila

Kaila Walker offers writing and travel tips while motivating her audience to follow their dreams. She currently lives in Orlando, Florida when she’s not documenting her travels around the world as an author.

3,660 Subscribers

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