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Best Booktubers in 2024

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Aissata Amadou

Active since 2015 - Hosted by Aissata

My name is Aissata. I’m an 18-year-old who loves books, movies, and music. I upload videos and vlogs every Sunday and Wednesday.

4,560 Subscribers

Ghost Reader

Active since 2017 - Hosted by Justin

Welcome to my BookTube Channel! Looking forward to sharing my love of reading with you all. I'll be uploading (hopefully) once a week. I will be reading a variety of books, fiction and non-fiction, so hopefully I'll read a book you love too.

3,420 Subscribers

Alexa Loves Books

Active since 2011 - Hosted by Alexa

I'm Alexa, and I love books. My husband Macky (who is also a bookworm) & I have combined our forces to bring you videos that are all fangirl/fanboy, mostly bookish and occasionally about other things we love. Welcome to our channel and I hope you enjoy our videos!

3,510 Subscribers

A Court of Crowns and Quills

Active since 2007 - Hosted by Amy

Hi! My name is Amy. I'm just a book blogger and bookstagrammer who thought it'd be a good idea to start booktube. :-)

2,810 Subscribers


Active since 2014 - Hosted by Nai'a

Books📖| Sunshine☀️| Afro-Hawaiian girl🌺 | Author in progress Read all the stories. Believe in them. They’re probably true

80,300 Subscribers


Active since 2010 - Hosted by Candice

Hello, I'm Candice [can-deece]. I'm a 22 year old who lives in the UK. I'm a writer, a reader, a reviewer and a rueful grown-up.

45,195 Subscribers


Active since 2013 - Hosted by Katie

hi! I'm katie, and this is where I make videos about books. lover of books. maker of videos. friend to nature.

30,033 Subscribers


Active since 2013 - Hosted by Whitney

Whitney Atkinson is a 22 year-old bookworm who likes to refer to herself in third person for emphasis. She enjoys peeling dried glue off the tip of the bottle, being sassy, reading until 3 AM on school nights, raspberry sweet tea from Sonic, man buns, and that one breed of guinea pig that’s really fluffy.

58,000 Subscribers


Active since 2015 - Hosted by Ellias

books. books. and more books.

42,500 Subscribers

Kayley Hyde

Active since 2006 - Hosted by Kayley

20-something, gryffindor, plant lady.

45,800 Subscribers

Michael BookLion

Active since 2012 - Hosted by Michael

My two favorite things are talking about books and eating pizza. You'll see a lot of the former on this channel.

16,600 Subscribers

Ben Alderson

Active since 2011 - Hosted by Ben

Welcome! Benjaminoftomes is a channel devoted to promotion of amazing books and weirdness.

49,900 Subscribers

monica kim

Active since 2009 - Hosted by Monica

hi! i’m monica. 💕

23,200 Subscribers


Active since 2015 - Hosted by Sara

Here I talk about books and the sass comes free of charge.

26,100 Subscribers

Riley Marie

Active since 2011 - Hosted by Riley

My name is Riley and I talk books.

39,700 Subscribers

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