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Discover the best BookTube channels of 2018 and watch everything from book hauls to book reviews and recommendations. This directory is vetted by our team to make finding your next favorite BookTube personality a breeze. Did we miss a channel? Submit it here.

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1,784,365 Subscribers

Comic Books dramatically read by the Eligible Monster Team. DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Indie alike, nothing is free from our dramatic readings.

Visit channel - Active since 2014 - Hosted by Comicstorian

Mel's Bookland Adventures

1,802 Subscribers

Hi, my name is Melanie and I decided that more of us women over 40 have to be represented online. I love to talk about books and I hope I bring a different perspective and hopefully different books to the booktube community.

Visit channel - Active since 2016 - Hosted by Melanie

Grammy's Book Nook

3,366 Subscribers

Grammy is a retired teacher whose passion for teaching continues to burn. Reading is essential to learning. Grammy wants to further promote a desire to read through sharing some favorite authors and their works. Watch as some of your favorite stories come to life!

Visit channel - Active since 2016 - Hosted by Grammy


4,050 Subscribers

Nicole, 25. I post book related videos two times a week! Sometimes I talk about tv, films and other media. I'm passionate about LGBTQ+ and female representation.

Visit channel - Active since 2014 - Hosted by Nicole

Eric Karl Anderson

5,204 Subscribers

Booktube musings from LonesomeReader. Watch for a never-ending stream of book recommendations!

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Eric Karl

Possibly Literate

6,912 Subscribers

Hey guys! I like books. LETS TALK ABOUT THEM. Follow Possibly Literate on Goodreads:

Visit channel - Active since 2016 - Hosted by Emily


15,955 Subscribers

Book reviews and general discussion on literature, especially focusing on contemporary American fiction and postmodern literature. Is one of your favorite authors Foster Wallace, Pynchon, DeLillo, Franzen, Eggers, or McCarthy? You've come to the right channel.

Visit channel - Active since 2010 - Hosted by Mattia

Beyond the Pages

8,225 Subscribers

Hi! My name is Ange and I love to read. Follow this channel to discover the best books from Down Under.

Visit channel - Active since 2014 - Hosted by Ange

Literary Prints

1,534 Subscribers

I'm a Chinese-Indonesian booktuber mainly based in Jakarta or Melbourne, depending on the time of year. I read literary fiction, classics, and non-fiction - with the occasional graphic novel and YA book thrown in. Am also into translated fiction (particularly Japanese) in general!

Visit channel - Active since 2012 - Hosted by Catherine